I don't have much experience with loop pedals at all. I've tried one made by Boss (not a bigger one, it was the same size as a single boss pedal) and it seemed very fiddly.

I've started playing the sax and our bassist is also comtemplating it. We're a funk band and two sax would go really nicely with our brass setup (trombone, trumpet) every now and then. How easy is it really to slap out a riff on a loop? I mean if you don't catch the timing just right it could be a diaster - and I don't want to risk us looking like idiots.
practice. if you only want simple looping, the akai headrush might be your best bet. fairly cheap, two footswitches, easy to use.
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I've had a Boss RC-20XL loop pedal for about 9 months now. I got it to help fill out our sound some as we are a single guitar, bass, drums, vocal band. You really hear the rhythm guitar drop out whenever I play my solos. Thought that a looper could be the answer. Not.

I was disappointed in the Boss RC-20XL for stage performance. You could set up nice loops and even layered loops. There was even an option that would automatically adjust your timing if you were if a bit off in setting the loop.

Problem is using it live on stage. You can set the tempo when you make the loop. You can, supposedly, adjust the tempo of an existing loop with a small tic-tac sized button (not a foot switchable button). This just didn't work on stage. It was impossible to keep the looped track in synch with the drummer. I even tried rigging the tic-tac button to use with a footswitch (that didn't work...I ended up breaking the button). Maybe, if the drummer could hear a click track or something, but the looper didn't have an earphone out click track option.

It's a great tool for jamming and practicing solos, but for live purposes I just couldn't get it to work out.
^ The problem isn't the pedal then... it's the drummer who can't keep a constant pace!
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I have the Boss RC-50 loop station. It works great for practicing and putting together songs to play by yourself, recording multiple parts, etc. Great for solo shows. I haven't gotten a chance to play out by myself, but once i take the time to get together a good set list, I'm going to try it. I know this will work. But for a band situation, its not going to work out live. I suppose it could, if your drummer kept with it. But its easier to play along with a drummer than a drummer to play along with you.

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I don't think it's likely that most drummers could keep a steady enough beat to use with a fixed time loop (unless they could use a click track). The way the RC20 works is that you can set the tempo with a foot control before starting the loop. Once the loop is started you can't adjust the tempo (except for the tic-tac button.)

The times that I tried to use it live. I'd get maybe 3-4 measures into a solo before the timing was off so bad that I just had to cut the loop off.

Too bad.
My band's got a song where I've gotta set loops up in it twice, the first time with 2 layers+other stuff on top of it.

It really frustrates the **** out of me and my band doesn't really understand how sketchy it is to operate the thing in a live situation. Not to mention we've played that song live once, and they have no intention of dropping it because they like it, so I'm gonna have to risk it over and over and over again. On the other hand I've got riff in another song I lay down to harmonize on top of and that always seems to go a lot better, mainly because when it loses time it kind of goes to this weird delay effect, and it's never on for too long.

But honestly from my experience with the DD-20 I'd have to say loopers are the sole cause for all of my anger that comes out in band practice, making the other 2 dudes in the band think I'm pissed off at the band as a whole. Really I'd avoid using a sub-par looper at all costs, unless you can get the hang of it which some people seem to do, but I'm not happy with it at all. I'm really not too sure about the higher end models either, but I know for sure I'm not planning on bringing any songs to the table with loops again.