If I'm used to playing an 87 Les Paul Custom, would I like a PRS Singlecut with trem?
I may trade this guy for it.

Play it and find out surely ?

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yeah...we can't really tell you if you'll like it. It looks like a nice guitar, but you should play one and find out for yourself.
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i would say yes, they have chunky gibsony necks so the feel would be fairly similar. best to try a prs out though
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It can only be your opinion; if you like it, perfect, if not, then just don't trade for it.
I personally like it more than a Les Paul, but as I said, it's all a matter of personal taste.
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Of course I'm going to play it first. I think I'm pulling the trigger on this deal. This would be my first "NICE" PRS that I've owned. I have a Santana SE with SD pickups and love it and I'm bored with my Custom.
I like the additional features with the SC (Trem, coil-splitting), but wish it had seperate tone and volume controls.
Oh well.
its gonna play a lot better than the les paul, but more or less theyre very similar
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its gonna play a lot better than the les paul, but more or less theyre very similar

Thats kinda what I thought. Thanks