Hello all, I'm going to get new strings put on my guitar today because mine suck ass. I need some advice on some good brands. I play anything from blues to metal and I like 10 gauge - maybe higher. Any suggestions?
I suggest trying different brands until you find what you like. Personally I like D'addario.
Go buy a bunch and try them. Don't trust us.

But I'll recommend GHS Boomers.
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i've always found ernie ball's to loose that bright sound very quick so i use d'addarios, but that's just me. go and try some out it's only a pack of strings.
Ernie Balls .10 regular slinky are pretty sweet imo
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get some pure nickel strings, and dont change the gauge unless you know how to set your guitar up for a change of gauge, if you decide to go higher take it to a tech or your guitar will be ruined
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D'addario is pretty good. I'm trying Elixers now, and they're working out quite nicely too.

Try D'addario and Elixers, you won't be disappointed.
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