If Love Existed

I can;t think of anything
And youre gone once again
isnt that twisted?
you would be here
if love existed

As she walks in the door
i;m laying down on the floor
Its nice to see the world from this point of view
nothing to see.
nothing to do
shes runing around crying...
i know shes ****ing lying

There are so many things you could;ve done to prevent this
so many things i could have listed
you would be here...
if love existed

Who thought that death could be so fun
theres no more pain
i wish you would come
i wouldnt have had to cut my wrists
if only love existed

I watched as it all bled out
the pain
the suffering
and all of my doubt
see what you;ve done
see what youve caused
i suppose in your eyes its no great loss.....