On the 10th fret, for the D and G string. They have started buzzing through the amp and without. Usually like for the 6th string (E) it buzzes when not plugged into an amp, but when played it does not buzz through the amp. <-- Something like that I do not mind.

However, recently I was attempting to play this solo that involved the 10th fret for D and G, and it really annoyed me when the string buzzed right through the amp. I tested all the other strings and they are good to go. It's just these two that seem to be not co operating.

What can I do to get rid of this?

I'm using an Ibanez SZ520 if that helps.
the frets might not be filed or crowned right, or maybe the truss rod is loose. I have a (much cheaper) guitar, and the neck buzzes constantly if i play it too had. It might be a loose tuner as well.
dead spot! retune!
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dead spot! retune!

that could possibly be the reason. I noticed this immediately as soon as I tuned all my strings 1 step down.
the neck might be bent

i'm sure you checked that but it was the first thing that came to mind

you might also want to try and get some more action, i had buzzing and i raised the string up a little and it seemed to help
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Adjust the action would be my first move. Then, if that doesnt help, truss rod would be my guess. But if your not comfortable with doing that, take it to a tech. However, if you want to have a go, there's plenty of tutorials on the web. Google it.
i wish i could find a medium. i dont like the higher action but i also cant play my low e when it is low. i should just break my guitar and buy a new one. i have always wanted to smash one like a rockstar
they call og or nothing at all!!