hey, i recently installed a kent armstrong motherbucker, and its sounds awesome. Unfortunately, now i'm hurting for cleans that sound just as good. I have a squire strat, with an hss setup. I had this idea to install tele pickups, perhaps gfs ones because the price is right, into the neck and mid position. Just put the neck in the neck slot and and the bridge in the mid slot. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this will sound? Any help will be appreciated.

Any suggestions on other (preferebly inexpensive) pickups for the neck and mid? I'm looking for the most sparkly of sparkly cleans here.

Putting a tele bridge in the mid wont work too well, especially if ur guitar is routed HSS and not a pool route. The base plate on it is rather large, and some xtra routing might be in order, and u might have to cut some off ur pickguard. Try a P-94 type pickup, i kno Kent Armstrong has some. And some of his Vintage voiced pickups would work for neck/mid, with a Rw/Rp for the mid.
well i'd like to do it without replacing my current pickguard, so a p-90 wouldn't fit in the slot. My strat is pool-routed, so i can fit the pup in there if i need to. Perhaps i'll just go with a respected name, like seymour duncan or a dimarzio. What are your recommendations for their best clean pups?