ok so yesterday i was sitting in pre calc class and a security guard comes down and asks for me and another student. after walking silently for a little bit to the office we get there and he splits us up. i go into the office and the other kid goes into the security office thing. so i sit for a little bit and some office assistant people who just basically push papers asked me if they could help me and i said i dont think so seeing as i dont know why im here. then one of the security guards who usd to play football and is now the coach and also a security guard comes in (hes huge). he says whats up and i say nothing then he asks me what happened last night and i said umm i dont know? and he was like ur telling me u dont know what happened last night? and i said honestly i dont know what ur talking about so he asked me what i was doing last night and i said i was at band practice for high school from 7-9 and he said band practice huh? and i was like yes band practice and he was like so u never went to the volleyball game? and i was like no i didnt even know there was one and he said so u never went to h hall and i said no because i hadnt. so he was like what did u do after band practice and i said i went straight home at 9. which i did and i also said if he called my dad he could confirm that. and the guard said im not talking to your dad im talking to you so i was like well ya i left at 9. and then other security guards came
one asked for my cell phone to look at so i just gave it to him and he looked it over and said do u ever wear this on your belt and i said no because i dont and then he asked me if i ever wore a hat and i said nno (i dont like hats much) sooooo the big one said kinda angrily get this kid a pass back to class!
so i got a pass and i left still not knowing what i did
when i told my mom she was very angry and so was my dad saying that they cant question me like that
i personally think they could have done a better job then immediatly thinking i did it but overall not too extreme
but my dad has been complaining to the county and the principal who has said that she had no knowledge of the incident ever happenning
the incident i later figured out was a breakin where some kids got drunk and broke some **** in an art room. the security guards or admistration never told me it was just the only thing that happened the other night so i figured that was it.
how the principal doesnt know about this i have no idea but im pretty sure she is lying cuz it was big news.
anyway do you think that my parents are handling this correctly?
and also i have a meeting with my mom dad and the security guards and the principal so what should i say?
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well was any of what the security guards did wrong like illegal
im in maryland and i dont really know the laws about this in schools
i think they really should have told me what they thought i did
they have found the real person who did it though i hear
You won't get in trouble, most likely. Something like that happened to me in eighth grade when somebody drew a penis on my art teacher's car. Since I had drawn some before and the teacher had seen me, they accused me and questioned a bunch of my friends on whether I did it or not. I believe the quote from the principle was "The penis on the car matches your penis perfectly"

Edit: to make it relevant, I didn't get in trouble in the end.
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Does your school have security cameras or anything like that because you might resemble one of the people they're looking for. If you didn't do anything and you have your parents on your side knowing you didn't do anything then the worst that will happen is they're going to waste your time interrogating you. You'll be fine.
If you have any enemies, you'r getting framed. (At least that's what it sounds like to me.) Also it's probably circumstancial.


The easiest and usually best way to get out of something (without too much punishment) is to tell what you know in your heart to be true. Do this and noone can cause you too much grief. Here is a simple three question test to ask yourself:

Honor, Courage, Committment

Is it honorable?

Is it courageous?

Is it committed to some higher purpose?

If yes to all three, then do it.
ya my school does have cameras i guess thats why they asked me about my phone and hats and whatnot
Quote by JakeTheDuck
I believe the quote from the principle was "The penis on the car matches your penis perfectly"

Rofl sigged.
If you or your parents feel the security guards were out of line, you should definitely go through with this.

Don't let some half-assed authority figure put you down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying "LOL ANARKY! BE A REBEL!", when you're in trouble, you must comply, just make sure you know your rights and they're treating you fairly.