Hi there,
I'm building myself a 2x12 cab to use with my soon-to-arrive Epiphone Valve Jr. Head.
I've been looking at Eminence speakers, and I like the Texas Heat a lot, but I don't know if I should combine it with another speaker or just have two of them.

Also I don't know if it really matters that they are rated 150W RMS each when my amp is only 5W tube.

Now on to the impedance, If I choose two 8 ohm speakers and connect them in parallel then I'll get 4 ohm right? I heard 4 ohm is "better" so let me know if that's alright.

And one last thing, can someone explain me what would be the difference between mono and stereo on a guitar cabinet, and how do you make the connections to have one or the other?

Thanks a lot
I like the idea of combining speakers, as long as they are the same impedance. I'm thinking of combining some Texas Heats and V12's in an X with a cabinet myself. There are no rules against it, I suggest you check out HC's reviews, and see what people are saying about both. I've seen reviews in there where people were combining them, with supposedly good results.

The wattage rating doesn't matter unless you were trying to get a lot of speaker breakup, which I doubt the VJ could do to most 12" anyway.

Series wiring adds the impedance, putting 2 equal impedance speakers in parallel halves the value. ie 8 + 8 in series = 16ohm load, 8 + 8 in parallel = 4ohm. As far as better, you really just want to match the impedances, if it's an 8ohm load, set your amp's impedance to 8ohm. However, generally from what builders have told me, the highest impedance setting on your amp will use the most windings on the transformer, which is supposed to sound the best.

Mono just means both speakers are getting the same signal. Stereo, you would have 2 inputs on the cab, one to each speaker. Each speaker gets it's own signal coming in, so you could have 2 different amps, or a stereo poweramp. It really just seperates the speakers. To access it, usually there is a switch on the cab, or it will have seperate input jacks for stereo and mono.
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I prefer speakers rated more closely to the amp's output, but that won't happen with the VJ, anyway, so it really doesn't matter.

I'd suggest you wire it up to fit the next amp you think you might be buying. If you're a fan of Orange or Vox, a 16 ohm cab would be the way to go. Otherwise, the standard is pretty much 8 ohms. I would not go with 4 ohms, primarily because there are so few heads that will match up with that.

If you want to get fancy, you could wire it up for 16 ohms stereo or 8 ohms mono. That might come in handy in the future.
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