This is the first song i've written in a LONG time, and it's currently in the process of having music put to it. crit for crit i suppose


You're my Heroin
Loving you should be a sin
Your eyes sting more than a needle in the skin
Heroin, my lovely addiction

Your Eyes
Could paralyze and mesmerize
one look and I can't help
But keep coming back for more

All I can do is stand by
And watch myself go for my beautiful vice

[repeat chorus]

You keep my heart beating
Got me shivering at night
One word from you
Makes it allright

Eyes burn bright like kerosene
burns my heart, I'm branded
another fool lost in her flames
All I know is that I'm shaking
everytime I say her name

[repeat chorus]

I don't need an intervention
my love for you is beyond conventional
thoughts, Just me and you
in a car with a view
Despite everyone's words of disapproval
Yeah...I like it. Stays with the love/heroin comparison. You get that to music...I say it's a keeper.