I have a Schectar Damien FR with EMG - HZ 's and Ive got EMG 81 and 85's to put in it Ive read the instructions and I can handle the swap but I think I could use some tips if anyone can tell me what to expect.
make sure you get the correct wires and try not to **** up the grounding.
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If you haven't had a lot of experience soldering, practice on some old wire and metal. I've also found some flux helps soldering grounds and braids to the pots EMG supplies. Otherwise, it's really easy actually. As an aside, since you are installing them yourself, may want to try the 18V mod with them, connecting (2) 9V in series. Increased headroom and crisper transients according to EMG. It seemed to help the clean tone on mine, and keeps the low end nice and percussive.
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amp clips
amp vids
See what I mean "practice on some old wire first" exellent idea thanks. As for the up grade maybe some time but I dont want get in over my head Thanks again
U probably kno, but u need a battery to run the 81 and 85 as they are active. HZs are passive, so prepare to find a place for a battery.
This model seems to have a large enough cavity by the controls I think I have to insulate it is all and it will fit I hope.