right now i'm playin on a PRS SE Custom, great guitar, but i'm looking for an upgrade. I've been heavily interested in an SG, i've played several different types of gibby's but i think i've got my mind made up on the SG standard. but i'm worried about the clean tones of the guitar. It'll be running through an Orange TT, but i'm still worried if it can handle the soft stuff and not be so edgy.
It'll be fine. The SG Standard pickups arent THAT hot, they're just right.
An SG would work. but if ur that worried about it, get a Les Paul of some sort. pickups are not as hot, and still can do some harder stuff and clean stuff.
... what? your going from a PRS to an SG?
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Yeah, he's stepping up from MIK to MIA.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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Yeah, he's stepping up from MIK to MIA.

The SE's are pretty nice in both quality of workmanship and features for the pricepoint. Some of the "made in the USA" stuff (IE. Faded series Gibson SG, Flying V) are pure crap compared to the PRS SE's.

well it's not a true prs, it's an SE Custom, the cheaper line

Is a MIM not a real Fender? Sure its a true PRS
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SG's pickups (490R and 498T) are voiced only slightly hotter than '57s. They clean up nicely. Turn down the pickup volume and you are in business. I am prejudiced but in my opinion Gibson SG Standards are one of the most comfortable, best sounding and best playing axes in the world, bar none. Nothing wrong with PRS either, but just look at the SG. Not to mention sustain for miles.