ANOTHER one of those bands ive been meaning to check out but just dont have the money and something else is always infinitely more appealing given that half the reviews ive read of them are singing their praises and the other half describe them as boring. i will take a chance one day, but probably not for a while.
I have the Hey, You EP and I love it. I'America being an unreal song. But sadly thats all I have....
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hah true. but just cuz they're japanese doesn't mean you can really compare them.

well, i guess, but yknow. japanese 'post' bands. thats enough for me.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
ive got you are there and recently got palmless prayer and man never has 120 mins been so...zen-ey
I've only got Gone, it's a pretty good album, although I think track 2 (Black Woods) basically being 10 minutes of very loud white noise might scare newcomers off.

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"You Are There" is a great album, especially the first song, and Yearning.

Haven't heard any others yet, though.
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mono is japanese instrumental and envy is a hardcore band from japan who recently turned a bit more instrumental

over simplifications are rarely useful. there are strong similarities in approach.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
God, yes. "The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain" is just beyond even my comprehension, it's that good.
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