Hey, right now I am playing a Ibanez RG370dxl left handed. I like it a lot and I started playing about 4 months ago not hardcore yet because of school. My amp is Marshall 50dfx. I am looking to get a Gibson standard body style. I want something for blues/classic rock/soul. I'm still doing basics mostly some influences are buckethead,stevie ray vaughn, steve vai, john petrucci, etc. I was thinking maybe a ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Electric Guitar since I don't really want to spend the amount of money yet on a guitar needed for a gibson, but this would still give me a great tone hopefully. I don't really have any others in mind at the moment. Fender/ibanez/jackson. Any suggestions would be great.
well if your looking for gibson style guitars, you could maybe go for an Epiphone, i havent tried many, but ive heard good things about their LP range, and G400
a $2000000 guitar would barely improve your tone through that amp i'm afraid. you should look into a new amp

for $1000 you can get some very decent amps indeed
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Fender Strat Hss, doesnt matter what series so much. I think an American is about $950. If u replace the HB with a JB maybe, and the singles with some Lace Reds, it would be perfect for ur stuff, and very vesatile as well.

EDIT: didnt see ur amp before. Epi Blues Custom and an Epi Les Paul Custom, or a Standard w/ pu change would work. Or a Fender Standard HSS strat.
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Warning! You will get tons of posts regarding your amp. Mainly because the Marshall MG is a crock of ****. So... beware!


The LTD EC-1000 Deluxe is pretty badass, but get the sunburst one to avoid the EMG's. While EMG's are pretty good for metal etc., the sunburst model has Seymour Duncan pickups which are more suited for blues etc.


- Genuine EMG 81/60 pickups (Seymour Duncan JB/59s on amber sunburst model)

Alternatively, check out Yamaha and Michael Kelly guitars.