I know this sounds pathetic but before you guys go to sleep, sometimes do you ever worry of when you are gonna fall asleep? Like your just closing your eyes and waiting to pass out?
sometimes i wonder after a bad day if ill wake up the next day
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Worry is how I wouldn't describe it for me. Maybe you're weird.
I always have a million thoughts rushing through my head. Almost as if i keep thinking about going to sleep and why i shouldn't or why i can't. Also, i can hear this annoying ass ringing whenever i sleep. It's like my skull is a bell and someone is throwing 4lb. rocks at it..
afraid to die thats just stupid im pretty sure most people dont care if they die in their sleep you pansy grow up
I thought this was about paranoia....

This one time I had FAR too much caffine(sp?) and caffine pills. Then I smoked a fatty and downed a class of JD and coke. I locked myself in my bathroom and wouldn't leave because "They were out there!" I was quoted as saying...

THing is, I remember so very little about it...other than I came back from a party and locked myself up. It took my mum and a police officer 6 hours to get me out =[
No. I do feel watched sometimes though, so I can't sleep due to that.
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I do sometimes if ive been lying in bed for like an hour and still havent fallen asleep.
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