Hey guys...i put this on here a few weeks ago an cant seem to get any feedback i hope thats not telling us anything..lol....anyway.....please cirt....we need everyones help with it


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Life - Nice mellow intro and a pretty kick ass solo. I like it a lot

Broken Not Dead - I'm unsure about this song. It's just average in my opinion.

And I've noticed that if you put the genre in the topic title you might get a few more people going into the thread.

Hope this was of some use to you.
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Thanks for feedback....the broken original was recorded before we had gotten a lead....it sounds much better with it
life: verse chord proggression was pretty typical. i've heard the same thing way to many times. vocals were good, but sound a bit to much like creed. not sure whether thats a good thing for you. chorus was really good. this is pretty good for life. lead was really pretty good. i liked the solo. bends were a little off though..

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I gave them both a listen ...
Life - the song was pretty good, it reminded me of something, but. ... I ... am not sure what !! The solos was also pretty cool.

Broken not Dead - the recording was quite ruff, but whatever! I didn't care for this one as much as the first - it sounded like a typical rock song with nothing "really" sticking out!

Over al, good tunes, and was a good listen!

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Songs sound pretty good! The singer sounds like hes trying to sound like Scott Stapp.

Overall its good, not incredibly original, but good.