i know much about guitar and stuff but not so much pedal i have

what could be a good thing to make my sound area bigger, so i can make new sound and stuff
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Erm.. i would maybe suggest getting some kind of looper? a really cool tool to play with, and mess around with if your recording things in your bedroom... i would suggest maybe some octave pedals.. pretty handy for some crazy solos, the + 2 octave pedals are coolest :P
if you don't have a crybaby wah i would suggest getting one of them, and maybe an analogue reverb for a distinct classic type of reverb...
Oh and if you don't have a boss delay pedal i would suggest getting one of them, they are truly awesome and quite cheap for what you get.
A sustain/compression pedal aswell is always handy.
at the end of the day there are almost unlimited things you can get man, just fish around
a digitech whammy. Buckethead uses one, and from the looks of your sig, you like him a lot
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Whammy, Phaser, Tremolo (preferably with tap tempo or some kind of expression pedal), Flanger...
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i wouldnt say "omg get these pedals!"

learn how they intereact with each other, turn down your tone and volume on your guitar and get different tones, stack different pedals for sounds.

personally, my sound pallete is HUGE, i need a lot of sounds..but theyre basic to a casual listener.

my effect use is subtle but it colours and livens up songs so my tone isnt all the same..
^Exactly, use different guitar volumes, use different pickup positions, use what you've already got, don't just buy more effects.
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