Recently, I noticed my saddle is starting to get indentations from where the strings sit. I'm looking to replace it, but I can't decide if I should just go with another plastic saddle or spend the extra $6 and get bone. The reason I can't decide is because my guitar is a cheapo little $80 affair (not much to write about, but it does the job), and it seems to me that putting a bone saddle on it would be a little like putting $6000 rims on a $600 car. Is it really worthwhile considering I may not be able to use it when it comes time to upgrade? I'm admittedly ignorant on the subject, and any advice would be greatly appricated
It won't be worth it. At best in might make it sound a tiny tiny tiny bit better but you're right with your analogy.

Save your money. Also I think its $6 for the blank, you need to craft it to fit yourself, or pay someone else to do it. To make and fit mine cost me £15 which is $30.

On a good guitar I'd recommend it, it was one of the first things I had done and it made a big difference, but on an $80 guitar its not worth it.

Hope this helps.
But would it?

I don't think it'd do anything whatsoever. With a guitar that price, the least of your problems is the vibrations getting to the body hehe.
No, I think you're missing the point. I've got a bone saddle for that exact reason, but its an $80 guitar. It'll be laminate all sides, cheap wood, a cheap bridge and nut etc etc.

I know in theory a bone saddle will make it better but in practise, on that type of guitar, its not worth it.
if your gunna be using the guitar for a while longer get the best qualty on you can, theyre not expensive either way and at least it will last longer if you get a better one
try it and see, it's only an 80$ box. what do u have to lose. try putting bridge pins in too.
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I wouldn't bother with bridge pins. I wouldn't even bother with the saddle.

But a saddle does change the sound far more than the pins. Even though the saddle won't really change your tone, it being a £40 guitar.
I'm going to say go for the bone saddle, and here's why. I recently did this very same upgrade to my Alvarez, which also came stock with a plastic saddle(little did I know at the time I bought it, live and learn I guess). It had the same issue, indentations from the strings, especially at the B and high E strings. I got a bone blank and fashioned a new saddle based on the dimensions of the original, since I didn't want to change the action or intonation which were both good as is. The difference was incredible to say the least. If it was able to make THAT much of a difference to my low end Alvarez, then a bone saddle should make a noticeable difference to your(threadstarter) $80 special. I feel you should benefit by the change, and cost isn't really an issue if you buy a standard cow bone blank, which are less than $10US in my area. By the way, what brand/model is the guitar in question? If you do decide to do the job yourself, just be careful to keep the original plastic saddle intact in case you muck up the bone blank so you can put the original back in.
Here's an excellent site in case you'd like to tackle the job yourself, or just to read up on how to do it.


Good luck to ya!
Thanks for all the replies and advice.

To answer your question LeftyDave, it's an Excel EX-99BB (made in China). Again, it isn't much to write about, but it's got decent tone and the action is like silk . Also, my strings are indenting exactly where you said, high E and B (a little on the G string too). I've never replaced a saddle, but I'll check out that site and figure out if I should give it a shot. If I do get bone, I may have them do it in-shop and ask for a plastic blank or two to practice on.

Thanks again for all the help