Well wats your most embarressing moment that happened to yuo on stage whie you were playing live..
I haven't had too many embarrassing things happen to me on stage aside from screwing up pieces here and there which at least I feel is embarrassing. But my guitar fell off my strap when i was talking to some people lol one of those "oh crap" moments
I can think of a few

-Hitting myself in the face changing a string during a break.
- Tripping and falling off the end of the platform during an energetic bassline...
- Playing for 10 minutes and not realising I hadn't had the volume up.
- Trying to put my connector jack into my straplocks whilst rushing to set-up.
I fell off once.
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I fell off once.

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the guitar i was using fell off the strap. It wasnt even mine, i was borrowing it lol. Our singer walked over to the mike and said "dont worry folks, its a rental"
Back in the just singing days, I forgot an entire verse to a song so I just held an incredibly long growl. It was awesome haha.
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I've posted this story before, but I took a crap on stage once.

like you were sherddin sum solo and you forgot to hold that ****tin feeling you've been holding in for the last few days...
I was singing and playing Seek and Destroy - Metallica with a couple of friends at a talent show and I noticed some woman with a rather large chest in the front row...."You will be dying a thousand deaths" almost came out as "a thousand breasts". I somewhat recovered with breeeeaths. I was thinking I about it the entire rest of the song in the back of my head, but no one new the song so nobody but the band noticed it.
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I got my singer's microphone wire caught up in the headstock of my bass during an audition once.
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