I am going to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus tommorow and was wondering if anyone has any tips on haggling? Like how would i get the price down if i say it is cheaper onilne? Also what kind of stuff should i be looking at getting free with this price guitar(£400) like hard or soft case, strap etc and how would i go about getting them?

Also is it better to get the guitar in store or online because it is considerably cheaper online (£400 in store, £339 online)?
I always say that "i've found it for £X on this website- how much is it here?" and jsut hint at things, like- "I guess it comes with a case/strap?"

just hint at things and if they say no, just ask if they could "throw one in"- works for me
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go to the store... ooo... and for freebees you need to verbaly fight for em

for the stores that work on commision... remember that to the guy thats helping you... you can get free cables... straps... case... but for that youll have to pay sticker price... maybe a little less... i all depends in how you talk to the guy
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Too bad for you when they say "They are selling for X? well, let's look it up and see if we can beat the price. What was that website?" Aside from that, perhaps you might get a gig bag and a patch cord for free but not a hard case.
Ohhhh i love haggling with desperate Guitar Center workers.

You can pretty much get anything with it if you pay sticker price.
I had a..hard case, cables, picks, 2 packs of strings when i was thinking about getting a Gibson.

If you take down the price any, only expect a hard case. I wouldn't buy a guitar new if they wouldn't throw in a case.
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