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I don't think I've ever seen a thread for Sco on here before, and seldom see his name mentioned, so I figured I'd make a thread.

Anyway, any other Scofield fans around? He's up there with Trey Anastasio for my favorite guitarist of all time, and I'm absolutely digging the hell out of his new album (This Meets That).

Here's his myspace if you haven't hear him. Shoe Dog is a particularly incredible tune.
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he's amazing, i saw him at the detroit jazz festival with madeski, martin and wood....he's one of my favorite jazz/fusion guitarists (followed by mclaughlin)
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I listened to a few of his songs, he's a helluva musician, I'm gonna go to the mall later and pick up a few CDs =).
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He's one of my top 5 influences (Top 5 being about 20 musicians :P). I saw him play with 'Phil and Friends' - It was amazing.
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Quote by blues-guitarist
he's amazing, i saw him at the detroit jazz festival with madeski, martin and wood....he's one of my favorite jazz/fusion guitarists (followed by mclaughlin)

i was going to see them at the chicago jazz fest, but didn't. they'll be around again anyways.
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I havent heard much of his stuff but what I have heard is wicked good stuff. Most of the stuff ive seen is one youtube (he did 'i dont need no doctor' with john mayer, so good).
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I just recently started listening to him. I like how unique he is, especially his tone. He kinda throws away the whole round, traditional jazz tone and has his own which works really well. His stuff with MMW is amazing! I'm trying to find the Out Louder album around here, but I think I'll have to order it. My city's pretty much dead for jazz/fusion. Right now its a battle between him and McLaughlin for my favorite fusion geetarist. I find Scofield to be a bit easier to listen to; more accessible and easier on the ears.
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very cool guy. i have 4 of his albums but my favourite is the one with Pat Metheny-I can see your house from here
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I saw him with MMW at the Berklee Performance center. Needless to say, he tore the fecking place down.
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Get the Joe Henderson album "So Near, So Far" it has Sco's best work on it, in my opinion. I learned so much about comping from that one album it's amazing.
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