okay, i'm 16 and male.

and i don't particularly going to parties and getting smashed/stoned.

is this kind of unusual?

i was just wondering after i went to a drunk party last night and spent nearly the whole time chatting with the few friends i had who were sober enough to hold a conversation with.
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I didn't drink regularly until I was in college, as with most people I know. Going to parties and getting schwasted in high school is for bitches. It's fun to do it every now and then when you're that age, but "normal" high schoolers don't party like that.
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There's nothing wrong with that.

I am 24. I have gone to a few parties, but never found them to be much fun. Just a bunch of people getting wasted....and that's it.

I would much rather go out with my girl, and a few of my good friends to a bar and shoot pool, drink and listen to AC/DC on the Jukebox.

It all depends on your personality.
I'm not a party person. I don't want to use drugs, nor do I plan on drinking alcohol. I don't want to waste my money on that, especially when I have so little.

I am really the type to stay at home. I also hate the fact that many teenagers and friends think I'm odd for being that way.
Nah, thats not unusual man.
I'm not a big drinker, unless I'm in a mood.
I'm a mean drunk.
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I dont drink but i still go to the parties cause its still fun. its nice when someone else can actually talk to you but its not unusual
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I can't stand drinking. It brings out the worst in people, tastes like ****, and is expensive.
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it isn't that cool being stoned or drunk. Your making a good decision.
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i love getting stoned but i only drink on occasions.
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Alcohol and weed aren't for everyone. I smoke weed but I rarely drink and I never smoke cigarettes. Its perfectly normal.
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I can't stand drinking. It brings out the worst in people, tastes like ****, and is expensive.

Youv'e obviously never seen white star. But depends on the parties you go to.
getting wasted is pretty fun....so hush
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Youv'e obviously never seen white star. But depends on the parties you go to.

Well , it's not expensive, but it does taste like shit.
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i dont do drugs i just drink occasionally. i dont really like parties cause i guess u can say im anti-social person. i actually think im weird also for not doing this stuff id rather play my guitar
I've never gotten drunk but I love getting stoned. It's soo fun, especially with a group of friends. It's like laughing gas. It makes me happy.
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I was supposed to go out with mates tonight, but then didn't. I wanna be drunk

Oh, and fix your sentence......."I don't particularly enjoy/like etc. going..."
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I think it depends where you're from to, New Zealand(where i live) or at least Christchurch has a high school binge drinking culture and most of the people i know get thrashed most weekends
I'm 16, smoke weed everyday, and drink nearly every weekend. I don't know if that's alot or not... but i know plenty of kids my age who havent touched anything so it's pretty normal not to be into things like that. Getting F U ckEd up isn't for everyone.
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Getting F U ckEd up isn't for everyone.

That was cool.
Friends, applaud the comedy is over.

I'd dance with you but...

There's not much point going to parties unless you're drinking. I don't drink, though admittedly I probably will (never say never), but if I did, I couldn't get completely off my face cuz I'd be a mean drunk as I have a particularly volatile mood.
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That's normal.

I do it every once in a while. And I smoke the ganja every once in a while too.

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Eh I've drank a couple times and gotten "drunk" once and it basically was laugh, laugh, stumble, stumble, joke, laugh, joke, blurry vision, stumble. Not really my thing. When I do start drinking It'll probably be just a shot or 2 or a strong whiskey/vodka to thin out my blood so blood clots don't hurt me in the future.
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I spent every weekend from teh ages of 13 - 15 pissed on cider... It was incredably fun but you just can't keep it up, you start to mature alot and realise how dumb you can be sometimes. But i wouldn't change it for the world, the amount of fun I had had hanging around with 20 people being drunk was amazing :P I only drink a few times a month now, and hardly ever get wasted.
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