hey this is a song i wrote about 5 months ago so here ya go

Pros and Cons

Verse 1-
Life is sometimes good,
And sometimes its not,
It’s the same with the weather,
It can be cold or hot,
No matter what,
We have to get through it,
Even though we want life to be fair,
It’s far away from it,
Even if the girl of your dreams says no,
You just gotta continue,
Cause that’s just life,
Tryin’ to mess with you,

In a debate you discuss pros and cons,
But with life it’s kinda hard,

Life has its pros and cons,
Life has its pros and cons,
You just gotta keep goin’ on,
With pros and cons (repeat)

Verse 2-
So even though you go through hard times,
You just need to keep goin’,
No matter what,
Just keep goin’,
So don’t give up now,
Cause that’s a bad thing,
Cause if you give up,
You’ll feel like nothing,
So don’t stop now,
Good things will happen,
No matter what you think,
When bad things happen,


Verse 3-
So list all the pros,
And list all the cons,
Of bein’ alive,
And what’s goin’ on,
So can’t you see?
That it’s not that bad,
And if you can’t,
Don’t be sad,


Pros and cons (3xs)
Life has its pros and cons.


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It'd didn't flow at all, and I didn't care for the whole "pros and cons" idea. I thought it was very poor overall. Sorry
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It seemed very broken and totally not catchy at all. To me it seemed like a mish mash of random phrases relating to "pro's and cons"
hey man are you also a singer because then it´s much easier and you can put the worst lyrics in the whole world into a good song and it will sound brilliant you know...

so i would say if your not a singer say poem to this^^

i think it´s not that bad but as a poem it´s not what i like
but if you think it´s cool then it´s cool!!
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sounds like fallout boy

the old, good, fallout boy

break up your verses more.

it's okay
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