The Bridge on my les paul is too low(its low enough that the low-E string sometimes hits the bridge pickup, resulting in an annoying popping noise through the amp), but I don't know how to gauge how much I'm supposed to raise it. And if I did raise it, would there be any way to tell if the bridge isnt too high on one side? Thanks
if the action is at a height that works for you just lower the p/u
raise it till you like how it plays and there is no buzzing. everything at hte bridge is reversable. dont touch the truss rod yet
Yeah, I figured I would need to adjust the action if I raised the bridge. Is it possible to adjust the bridge without removing the strings, I'll take em off if I have to but I'd prefer not to have to replace them, especially if I screw up the adjustment. I don't really know how I'm supposed to tell if one side of the bridge is too high or too low, isn't the bass side of the bridge supposed to be a little higher because the bass strings are larger than the treble strings?
Yeah the bass strings are supposed to be higher just make sure you make them higher enough so that they don't fade out to nothing so just make sure they are still near the pick up when you raise the bridge. And if you mess with the Truss rod GET HELP because that thing will mess up a guitar fast, just be careful when you do it because you don't want to mess up your guitar and have to buy a new one.
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I've adjusted the truss rod a couple of times, but that was just to fix warping because of seasonal change. I have a pretty good idea of how much is to much in terms of that, but I don't know what the action is gonna be like if I screw around with the bridge height.
If you like the action where it's at now, then just lower the pickup height so the string doesn't hit.