Red Witch Empress Chorus/Vibe Pedal-Like new with a few very small marks on it

HBE Germania-Like new condition, just picked it up from another forumite

EHX Small Stone
-Near mint TRADED

Jacques Meistersinger BBD Analogue Chorus-Again near mint

Guyatone FL3 Flanger-same story different pedal, near mint

Digitech Digidelay
-Great condition,maybe a few small scuffs

Boss RC-2-Scratches by the footswitch part but really great condition elsewhere KEEPING

Seymour Duncan TweakFuzz-Near mint

PM me offers, serious offers only.

Ive got pix of everything if requested

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how much for the delay?
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Quote by call1800ksmyazz
Post prices. Its required.

And how much for the RC-2 (post it)

Mind linking me to where it says its required for prices?
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Mind linking me to where it says its required for prices?


Call1800 please only post here if you have active interest, knit picking trolls are not welcome, if you want to know the price of something then thats fine i can PM you it, the reason i dont post prices is that im flexible in price and willing to work with people....
how much for germania?
and is it 44 or no?
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PM me how much for the RC-2 + shipping to Montreal (Canada) please!
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Ya man its a complete keeper, when your pedals arrive can you please give me a +1 in the good sellers thread? A few people ive dealt with havent added me yet and id like people to know im legit, Thanks again for the solid trade