hey my friend (who plays also guitar very nice) is looking for his dream guitar, a explorer with a floyd rose on it, does anyone know where to get that guitar? maybe on the internet? thankyou (now i putted it into the right forum
try and find a used ESP dj-600. i saw one for $700 and went insane trying to save. too bad it got sold . just look into esp, they make lots of explorers.

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Really his own option is a Jackson KE3 Kelly, which is Explorer-like. I can't seem to find any that are explorers and have a Floyd. If you look, you may be able to find a use Jackson Kelly of some sort too. Other then that, his only other option is the Peavey Rotor and ESP EX-400, but they both lack Floyd Rose trems.

EDIT: He could also look into a used ESP/LTD DJ-600.
you might be able to find a used epi goth explorer.

there were some that had FR's in them but I guess they wouldn't be too easy to find.
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The Epiphone Goth Explorer came with a Floyd Rose option. I don't think the new ones come with them anymore, but there are plenty on the used market. Just check out ebay.

As another option, the LTD EX-300 also came with a Floyd. You can't get them new anymore, but they're in the $350 range on ebay.

The best option is the Ibanez Detroyer. They used to make them with locking trems as well. Don't know about the newer models though.

The other option is an 84-88 Gibson Explorer. They made them with the option of a Kahler bridge too. Those will run in the $850+ range though.
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