Hey guys and girls, I'm saving up for an acoustic bass. I've played electric for 5 years and I would like to add to my collection. So, if anyone has a suggestion on a nice acoustic bass, any price tag is fine, then post your suggestions. Thanks!
Breedlove makes one of the finest I've ever played. It's like, $800 or $900 US. After that Michael Kelly Makes a fantastic one for around $500-$600.
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Godin does spectacular fretless acoustic basses. I recommend those.

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Godin does spectacular fretless acoustic basses. I recommend those.


godins acoustic basses are amazing
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the only acoustic bass worth the wood its made from is the tacoma thunderchief

acoustic bass guitars are a really under developed area of the bass industry. no company has got the magic number of reinforcements in the body to give that perfect blend of structural integraty and tone

to quote jonas hellborg "an acoustic bass guitar is only good if it looks like the top is about to rip right off at the bridge"
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Please search bar my anti-acoustic bass rants. However, like Dan said, the Tacoma Thunderchief is simply the best sub-$3000 acoustic bass you can buy. Period. I'll sum it up for you - I've tried them all, and the Tacoma is the only thing that's worth owning. It's miles above Breedlove (who got bad reviews from Bass Player magazine) and millions above Michael Kelly. The bass is deep, loud, and even. Those are 3 things that no other acoustic bass have.
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