how do you get the microphone to work when its plugged into the back of pc. i have an adapter for the microphone but i am not sure if its the right one, it fits but doesnt go in smooth and when it is plugged in its not working. ive gone to the mic settings and put the volume up, do u need any software to use it,

how do i do that, through the control panel? and do i have to re start the computer for it to take effect?
Control panel > Sounds and audio > Voice tab > Test hardware button

See if that registers anything.
niceone it works but i was expecting to hear it come out of the speaker's, cant u do that? is the only way to use it is to record something using software and then listen to it , i am a bit so i may not be making sense
cool, as long as i ve got it working, all i was really trying to do is record on mixcraft