ive been playing for over 2 years and today i had the worst pain in my hand ever while playing... im really considering that my warm up routine is reaaaaally ****ty...

sooo... this is the part where you guys tell me your warm up routines...

(if any one says "icy hot " youre ****ed 'cause i actually tried it once... actually helped a little... and i rubbed on my HAND ... to clear that out)
keep up the icy hot therapy then
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Just try streaching your hand befor playing challenging songs. Or start off by playing an easy song, then a more challenging song to get the muscles warmed up.
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steve vai 10 hour workout...do the warm ups on there
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do some hand warm-ups then play scales and whatnot very slowly and increase the speed a little bit every time. or take a break from playing for 2 days
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hmm...you know the riff from hey joe by jimi hendrix?



^ is really good for the 1st 5 mins

then i do the 1234 decend and ascend thing

and then major scales, and minor scales, and then the 1st pentatonic position.

and then i start playing

usually i warm up for more than an hour, well in my guitar class, and when i get home its time to play!!!
thnks for the feedback.... ill try it all... but for now im gonna rest the hand... i really messed it up this time
play the modes....play the modes faster...play the modes FASTER....PLAY THEM EVEN FRIGGEN FASTER!...then idunno, maybe smoke something that makes yours hands go numb?
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I try a mix of Vai's 10 Hour workout and Petrucci's off his instructional vid.

I don't warm up for long maybe....5-10 minutes but if you still feel cool, then do more.
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