Ok i have no clue about amps besides they help the sound. i need to know what the best over all around amp is for metal,blues, and rock for a good price and that is reliable. any sugestions?
What kind of guitar have you got? Can you be a little more specific on price range and the tones you're looking for? Are you going to use it for practicing at home, with a band, or both? Gigging?
I have a crate stratocaster. crapy guitar but still it works any way. low budget. thats all i can say right now. Just looking for a good clean tone while also providing some crunch and squelling when needed. and all three
spiders make crap guitars sound decent imo. theyre OK for blues, good for metal, but they only have a "plexi" crunch (AC/DCish) for that rock sound. No Jcm 800ness.
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i agree with the suggestions above (except for the spider). You could also look into the laney vc15. It's a little more expensive but a great amp. It will easily do blues and rock, if u want to do metal you might need an additional distortion pedal as well.
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