i cant seem to finger it properly. justinguitar.com says i should part barre with my third finger but thats not very efficient, wtf should i do
You should press the 2nd, 3rd, 4th string (counting upwards) with you pinkey, ring and long finger, respectively. Like an open "A" chord, but on the next fret and still barring the first fret.
bar the 2nd fret with your index finger starting on the A string. Middle finger 4th fret on D string.Ring finger 4th fret G string.Pinky 4th fret on B string.
The other way to play it is bar the 7th fret starting on the E string,Middle finger 8th fret G string Ring finger 9th fret on A string and Pinky 9th fret on D string.
Thats all there is to it Just make sure that your index finger is pressing down on all the strings.
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Im guessing your problem is that your ring finger is muting the high e string when u dont want it to?
Just a thought, try using your index and pinky. Cant be certain it will work but i know some people who prefer to play A derived barre chords this way. Give it a try.
You can barre with your index and then either lay your pinky across all three, or you can reach over and hit the three strings with your pinky and ring finger, which is how I play an A anyways.
i use my index on the root and my pinky barres the rest of the notes. i usually jst mute the high e cuz its not really needed.