I am trying to craft my own style for our band to dress like. I am looking for websites (preferably UK) which we can take a look at various articles of clothing which wouldn't look out of place on a stage. I have found ones such as:


but their range isn't big enough. Looking for a weird cross between emo/rock/indie. So it will very unique
I say concentrate on the music side of music! not the fashion side of music!
If you're trying to change up your gigs, trying to make the crowd more interested, do as paul gilbert did, cos Racer X were playing the same venues so they decided to change their look up, he made loads of costumes, look him up, go on his website and click on "Fashion EVolution" you ay get some ideas.
im in the same situation as well. as one guy said, you should focus on music. but maybe your like me, and my band is planning a tour right now. we have the music side down. although i hate it, if you want to make it you need the whole package, music, looks, attidute. im always looking through good wills and other similar stores that sell used clothes for dirt cheap. i also try and just keep my eyes open for cool shirts and stuff. i have seen a few cool things at a place i seem to hate, "fcuk," i think its the french connection
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do rhcp and wear a crazy light buld costume

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Dress like Turbonegro.

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Play.com is GREAT for band tees - picked up a crazy skintight Metallica tee from there just this week, which fits my cheesy-metal-god look down to the ground - for just 7 quid!

If you're looking for anything gothic or emo, www.attitude.uk.com is good, but a bit pricey.
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tru dat. but otherwise dont worry about fashion whatsoever....work on songs