1. Lets If you just got dumped, or you found out something you really hated. What Band would you play?
( In the Instrument you play)

1. Bullet For My Valentine
3.System of A Down
4.Avenged Sevenfold
5.Lamb of God ( Lamb of God practically means you just got screwed over )

2. Which Song?

1. Room 409 ( Bullet For my Valentine )
2. Tears Dont Fall ( Bullet For my Valentine )
3. Pain ( Three Days Grace )
4.Headstrong ( Some Band )
5.B Y O B ( System of A Down )

3. Which Instrument?

1. Drums ( Just ruin your drums by banging them )
2. Bass
4.Acoustic ( you probably didnt get heart broken if your playing acoustic )
5.Vocals ( A.K.A Just scream into your Microphone )

4. Would go Gothic Because So? ( Or in some sort of depression )

5. What type of guitar would you play if you were angry?

6.What song would play on drums if you were mad?