Anyone ever get booted on multiplayer servers for cheating or hacking even though you don't do it?

Happens to me all the time on games like Battlefield 2 and 2142. I don't mod or cheat and usually I'm just wandering around looking for people to shoot and defending the flag.

Is it just the host's bad excuse for saying they don't want you there?
I managed to get over 15 points ahead of these clan dorks on Call of Duty once (something "...Squadron") and they kicked me off for "abuse" lol
Are you using a no-dvd or anything mate? That can cause you to be kicked off too.
I have the CD version of BF2 but have the BF 2142 DVD which is where I get the most boots.

You know I think that might be possible too, when I pwn the clan dickheads for several games they kick me off. I never thought people were sad enough to do that. Doesn't happen everytime though, I'm not that good
Welcome to the internet thrashfan! It can be serious business if you have enough acne and not enough social skills.