Hi, I've been playing guitar for around a year. I'm left handed for everything except a guitar, i play it the normal way. Do you think this is putting me at a disadvantage when playing? I've noticed I'm not able to pick that fast because my right hand is weak, but it could just be that I'm still not that good at alt picking. Cheers
if thats how your comfortable playing, it should effect your playing. My brother is a lefty, but he plays guitar righty and hes good. just keep practicing
well, playing the "wrong" way around isnt that big a deal. joe strummer played righty and he was a lefty (or vice versa-not quite sure) but regardles if youve been playing for a year its too little too late you cant change now. or, at least, i wouldnt. it would be a year of wasted effort. so youve just got to work harder- work on the alt picking, that can get better but remember if you get good then stop practicing it your going to get bad again so keep training your right hand. youve got it the hard way, but its a bit late to change now. although its your choice. you can if you wanna.
good luck, anyway
As a left handed player myself, i REALLY recommend you try left handed guitar playing for a while and see how that goes. I kno, just because you write left handed and do everything else with your left hand (like throw) it doesnt make the guitar any differennt. I have a friend that is left handed but plays right. He really just cant switch, but i have to say, he ****in sucks, lol. Idk if it because he playing right handed but hes actually left handed has to anything with it tho. But like i said, some people are just like that. Famous guitars too. Like that Herman guy from dragonforce. Hes left handed but plays right ( i kno, but i couldnt think of a better example). Just look them up. I really confuses me and just makes me want to call them weird, but only because i can't (tho i wish i was right handed) So yea, hope that clears a few things =]
My friend did that, and because his left hand is so strong from writing and stuff, he can do some crazy hammer on's and **** dude. Take advantage of it man.
I'm left handed and I used to have the same problem. I used to play through some pain in my arm for about five mins a day (Just play a simple power chorded riff rrreeeaalllyy fast, Fight Song By Marilyn Manson is Ideal - see below) and after a month or so I found I could play for hours as fast as I wanted!

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im the same way, i am left handed (for writing, ect.). i play guitar right handed (i should note that im all mixed up beacuse i do some things right handed (like shoot, or play pool), something left (writing, eating), and somethings both (bowling, tennis, and some tools like screwdrivers). so for me what ever feels better when i pick it up is what i go with, and im doing pretty well. i would say its whatever feels the most natural for you, if playing right handed feels natural and lefty doesn't then don't fret (no pun intended) beacuse you are doing the right thing imo.
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I'm left-handed and I played right for a few months.. and then I hit a hard point where i couldn't do nothing and then i went to left handed and I'm awesome now... left handed may not feel right at first cause it's just like picking a guitra up for the first time again,,,
It's all in how our brains are hardwired. I'm a lefty, play lefty, do most everything lefty. To me it's just natural. To you or others, it might not be. Try both types of guitars to see which suits you better. As far as weak, non-dominant hand strength, that's easy to overcome with exersize and practice. Some of the great leftys that come to mind:
Hendrix, Mcartney, Iommi. Who knows, maybe if you learn both ways you could play like Michael Angelo Batio.
i was considering playing lefty when i first started but then i thought about it. either your picking hand is weak or you fretting hand is weak. either way, with a whole lot of practice you can improve both. it doesnt really matter in my opinion. but the big thing is that most players are righty and when you walk into a guitar store most guitars are righty. so when you go over to a friends house and he has that vintage white '64 strat (right handed) all you can do is hold it and wish you you could play it. also, when you want that one special guitar but the store only has it in stock right handed you cant play it because ther is only like 5 lefty guitars in the store. personally, i would play right even if i was left handed
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if youve been playing righty for a year then stick to it, unless you really feel like it will help

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im complete lefty..everything i do..and i play lefty as well..if lefty feels natrual then do it. ive tried to play all of my friend basses / guitars right it just doesnt feel natrual at all..so
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I'm left handed but I play a right handed guitar, it feels more comfortable to me that way when i pick a left handed guitar up it feels weird as hell. So I would just keep playing the way you started and you speed and picking skills will build up. All in good time my friend, nothing good comes easy.
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I play it the normal way.

It's not really important which way you play, as long as it feels comfortable.

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