Weird, title, I know. So I have a problem with my pinky automatically anchoring onto the high E string when I'm not playing around there. I know its slowing me down, but every other way I try is almost unbearable. It also makes me look stupid

Anyone have any technique they would like to share regarding proper finger management with your picking hand? Or maybe ways to feel more comfortable? Thanks guys
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Curl your pinky in under your other fingers?
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Curl your pinky in under your other fingers?

Just tried it. Feels alright. But it also feels like I based my whole picking technique based on anchoring... Oh well, its not great anyway. Time to find a way that works and go at it with my stylus pick up for a month.
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
Go to youtube and search for how I hold a guitar pick. It's some guy that demos a Vox AD50VT with a squier. If you find him he has a video on how he holds a pick and he shows his hand at a bunch of different angles. It's quite nice because not only should you be comfortable picking with your fingers anchored (I think Herman Li does this when he's sweeping, not 100% sure), but you should know how to hold the pick with your fingers/pick in many different positions. It helps with different styles of playing, or even similar styles. It's nice to be able to choose which technique and form you have.
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just rest you hand on the bridge, like when your palm muting, but further back, so it doesnt mute the strings any.
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