well im getting a new amp and i have 3 in mind. Line 6 spiderIII 75, marshall MG30DFX, or a VOX AD30VT. I want one that sounds good with active emgs(typical 81/85 set) and versatile. if theres any i missed recommendations will help. appreciate the responses
damnit i was gonna say lol most ppl are gonna tell u the vox but imo the line 6 is pretty good its better than the vox for metal again IMO. But then again it depends
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none, small valve combo and a good overdrive pedal
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vox isn't good for hi- gain, go with the line 6, plus you can be a line 6 footswitch for the spider that includes a wah, and its only like 100 bucks, normally a footswitch runs like 40 anyway
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mm, the line 6 is good for metal, cleans and bluesy stuff imo. but they dont have a jcm sound, only a plexi-ish crunch.

The footswitch is actually quite nice, and the volume/wah pedal is pretty good
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Is the Valvetronix XL out yet? Or did I miss that and it totally flopped? It was supposed to be a Valvetronix for metal, and I wouldve assumed it would have been good for your use. Look around and see if you can find it.
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well i play/practice alotta stuff. alotta blues and metal(death,thrash,power) some jazz and stuff. i just want an amp that will suit most if not all needs for me. i also have a mt-2 but i wanna try other pedals because i feel i can find a better pedal.
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^ Yeah look into the Cube line, that would suit you pretty well.
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