I bought a EH Holy Grail a couple months back, and it never gave me any problems, except there was always a buzzing sound in the background; not too loud, but loud enough to be noticeable. I didn't use it for a few weeks, and just tonight, I got it set up to play with it, and as soon as I hit it on, a loud buzzing noise came from the amp. Not like from before; I can't even hear my playing over the buzzing, it completely drowns everything out.

Now, am I doing something wrong, or is there actually something wrong with the pedal itself?
Have you tried playing straight through your amp by itself? If Same thing, then something is wrong with your amp, try replacing the tubes. If your amp works fine on its own, then jus exchange your pedal for a new one, couple of months it should still be under warranty.

Also check that your lead isn't faulty. If its a cheap one this usually happens to them.
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Yeah Man. I had a Holy grail and It did Exact same thing. Basiclly if you want to get rid of that sound you have to have the Holy Grail in your FX loop and NOTHING in the front of your amp. SUX, Electro Harm. Design Flaw.......
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