So im looking for a new guitar...I want something thats good with metal, and that has a floyd. Right now im looking at Ibanez's and before that i was looking at jacksons. I wanna spend aound 500-600$

Any Ideas?

this one has a great trem. You could also look into one of the cheaper s series with the zr-trem. They are good guitars but eventually you will have to swap the pickups.
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I would probably go with a Ibanez and just get one that is kind of cheap so you can replace the humbuckers with Dizmario or just get the Xphiops haha. They are pretty much metal all around.
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Quote by josephhkim
Yepp i'd say get an ibanez.

Try to get a prestige if you can, like a rg1570

Great trem (probably the best you can get in that price range (with an exception for the ZR bridge on the S series)) and a very smooth, thin, neck. The quality is excellent and the only thing you might want to change are the pickups (they're okay, just not incredible).
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I just got the Jackson DK2M, its got Seymour's and a Floyd PLAYS AWESOME..I was actually thinking about going with the ibanez instead, but i was $15 short, and i couldn't wait for another 2 weeks!

(today i stapled my fingers on accident at school so now i cant play much)!

Got it for 500 new at guitar center