I felt like asking this because it would help to know the people better, but anyway these are the forums I post at. Write down your forums that you post at

Starcraft 2 froums, it has great forums

Nile chat forums, this is my personal favorite because it's a laid back community and I like the people there

I like Brian welch a lot so I ocassionly post at a couple sites.

Seven String guitar forum, it's pretty awesome

And that's it, I told the Nile chat forums that I was going to stop posting there until October because I'm so addicted to the forums and I have gone three days so far and it's really difficult I feel like I'm quiting cigarettes all over again.
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I post on Bigsoccer

But I think this is advertising or against the rules in some way but I'm not sure.
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I deleted my links so it's not considered advertising anymore.
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I post on perhaps the largest Doctor Who fansite. They've closed he site, but the forums still run.
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I co-admin Maybe She Forgot, post at The Fall Of Troy's official site, and another forum that would kill me if I revealed.

its mx isnt it!?
I used to on blacklabelsociety.net but they are all assholes there and I occasionaly post on the Zappa forums.
^ You fool!
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I used to be a regular on powerbored, but I hardly go there anymore.

I used to visit badders.com fairly often, but don't have the time.

I am a very regular visitor to cgtalk.com, as that is the career I intend to do.


^ Come back to Powerbored.

Powerbored is the only other forum I post at regularly.
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Ultimate-Guitar's the only site I post regularly at, besides this reality TV forum where I talk about the Real World:Sydney
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Inventive, I know.

I don't think I've seen you on there..

I'm pretty new though,
my username is ~InConstantMotion~