This is for nothing other than curiosity.

Buying one and ONE thing only (unless you count head+cab) what do you think is the highest gain you could get out of 1 product. Im tempted to say a Peavey 5150, but I havent REALLy played one. And my "test products" arent too varied.
Maybe a Mad Professor or Soldano SLO
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+1 for the SLO. I haven't had the opportunity to play with a Mad Professor, so maybe.
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bogner uberschall. nice tight, semi-dark high-gain tone. and just sounded all-around amazing.
Uberschall, and 5150 would definitely be up there. I hope that is not your only criteria for buying an amp. I mean honestly if you plan on using all the gain on the 5150 or Uberschall it is going to sound like utter crap. I don't even know if crap is a low enough word for how bad that could sound. Especially with scooped mids and a sloppy player (I am not commenting on your playing ability, just presenting a situation). Ugh.
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