This is a Peavey Transformer 112 amplifier with Peavey footswitch controls. It is used, but sounds great and is in great condition. It is a 50 watt amplifier. Great for gigs or practice - very versatile!

Check out Harmony Central for reviews.
Can also go to the "Unofficial Transformer Website" at:

new sells for $625

asking - $300

Here are some specs:

* 50 Watts
* One 12 inch Blue Marvel® speaker
* Analog TransTube® preamp and power amp for real amp tone and feel
* 12 amplifier models that rewire the analog preamp and power amp (changes tone AND response!);
* WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface - no confusing mystery knobs;
* 32 presets (16 user/16 factory)
* Simultaneous reverb, delay, modulation chorus, flanger, phaser, tremelo.

The presets (both user and factory) can be reset to whatever you choose. I will probably get crucified for saying this, but the modeling on this amp is so good that even a long-time player would think that this is a tube amp! I am a long-time AC/DC fan and was even able to get a great vintage Marshall sound from it - JTM45 tones from a Peavey!! Nice!

This amp comes with the version 2.0 firmware upgrade and one of the manufacturer's recommended modifications: the headphone jack was modified to be output jack (to go to an external cab). I have had this hooked up to my half-stack with Vintage 30's and it sounds great. Just keep in mind that the amp is 4-ohm.

Selling because I bought a GNX3 workstation that I plug into my JTM45. Don't need this one anymore.
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If I had 300 I'd be begging my girlfriend for this....I dunno even though I just got a new Peavey this one seems cool too.
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It's a great amp - very much underrated! Are you sure your girlfriend doesn't need one?
If you guys think $300 is too much, make me an offer. But be reasonable - I originally paid $325 for this amp earlier this year. It is a GREAT amp ! ! ! I just don't need it anymore.
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let me know if you start considering trades

I will consider trades. What did you have in mind?