How often did Dime downpick instead of alternate picking riffs ex. did he downpick the mouth for war verse riff or alternate pick that? And when they say Petrucci uses strict alternate picking is that also for like riffs and stuff no matter the tempo and note value? Also how often and for what kind of stuff does Petrucci use his pinkie? Like I watched him demonstrate the Under a Glass Moon solo and I was surprised to see how he rarely ever uses his pinkie except for huge stretches.
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I imagine Dime was loose with his rules on down/alt picking, but i don't know for sure. Petrucci breaks the rule rarely, maybe with certain heavy chord riffs, and the intro to The Dark Eternal Night on the cd (live he plays it alt picking). And he does use the pinky a good amount of the time for alot of solos, its definitely not something you can work around for most of them.
dime started some riffs with an upstroke like the opening lick from cowboys from hell.
Petrucci strictly alternate picksat pretty much all times. he uses his pinky when he needs it.
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Petrucci uses his pinky a lot for awkward chord fingerings and a lot of riffs, especially in Scenes From A Memory. If you can get your hands on the Live Scenes From New York DVD you'll see what I mean. He obviously doesn't use it as much as guys like Satch or Gilbert.