Uh song I came up with a while ago when the woman who will now be my wife had to undergo heart surgery and there was a 40% percent chance she'd die... well I came up with this, in the uncertainty fearing the worst, though our love hadent grown then; gladly she is getting better today and so on ... Anyway, it is missing a solo and probably will under go a few revisions and additions sometime, but it is good enough as it is I think... so... here it is
Clad In Shadows-Ballad of Fallen Angels.zip
That was pretty stinkin' cool. I'd like to hear it with a nice tube amp and some backing drums. Those midi never do anything justice. Very nice though. I enjoyed it.
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im too much of a noob to add a drum track and other instruments -hell even a guitar solo - but I'll record it once I fix my -err... half assed electric lol- =D... but I'll get practicing to whip out bad ass solos XD lol thanks =D
pretty cool stuff man.
that really errie and epic sounding, best **** is written when you have intense influence from real life **** happening. that was pretty cool though man.
the intro was great, nice and dissonant, but the riffs that followed got boring basically because it was the same prgression for ages with just rhythm changes. the nylon bit was sweet. but the riffs after that just seemed out of place.
as did the bit that started at 79, it just seems you had a pile of riffs and joined them rather than having a flowing song. also the transition to the riffat 95 i think it was was way to sudden so again it felt disjointed.

bascally the riffs by themselves are all solid enough, its just they dont all fit together, you need to work a hell of alot on your transitions or just take the riffs that fit and put them with each other and have maybe 2 songs with the stuff that goes together.
i appreciate yer things, i can def see it in measures 69 and 79, but for meas 95, it's just an unorthodox switch, say if i put the tremolo picked part first, or the cascading 8ths it might sound the better yet its rather the same, I think all the riffs are fitting, specially in the context of their given themes -I have yet to fully write out the lyrics cause im a bastard and i work on many projects at a time neglecting and so forth lol- also I think in 'paper' it looks as you say but when played on guitar -it's a one guitar track- it might be less disjointive. However I def have a problem with transitions, but I think it's mostly to the varied nature of the riffs and well yeah me = not good at transitions XD unless heavily pointed out; as is the case here, though I will probably make a few transitions and perhaps add another guitar to some of the riffs -mostly only the second nylon part-
Nice song
The intro was really good but yea, like ch715 said, the riffs after it were kinda boring.
I didn't really like Theme IV, it was long and boring >.> maybe if you added some variations and drums
I didn't really like how it always changes tempo, but I guess you like it like that.
Theme VI was awesome, that's the riff I liked the most.
Theme VII was nice too, it flowed well, but after a while it got repetitive.
Theme VIII, good job on that one! Nothing really to say about it, it was very good!
Theme IX wasn't that bad, but you need work on transitions.
Outro was nice, but a bit too long IMO...

Overall, it has solid riffs, but no transitions >.> Try to work on that! 7.5/10
Glad that your wife is getting better

Mind giving a crit on mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=675687
i love the emotion in theme IV lol i dont get which part of the theme IX needs transition XD..... I think the 16th note run flows nicely into the 8th note 12/8 section
I think it's very cool. I like then are many different styles in one song, just like in yours..I envisaged there many interesting sounds..
I thought it was kind of ok. The beginning had some cool riffs and the song IMO picked up and got better at Bar 70, sounded like it would be a good Melo-Death riff. But after that it got kinda boring until Bar 143. To tell the truth the entire thing really went up and down for me in how i liked it. You really loose a lot of atmosphere and feeling without other instruments put into the mix. Also i thought that the tempo changes were kind of random in how they were placed.

By the way, thanks for checking mine out. I really appreciate it!
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There's a bit of repetition going on here, but this sounds pretty damn epic. I can see how you were inspired to do this kind of thing (glad to know she's better!).

I really like your progressions; as you can see with my stuff, I'm also a sucker for a good clean section, and I can confidently say that the clean stuff (the intro in particular) is some of the best I've heard in a long, long time.

It's helpful how you label the sections; I can really feel the emotions, they're conveyed very well, not something I see often. This sounds a lot like Dream Theater in that respect.

Overall, I think this is utterly fantastic. I'll give it a 9.5/10, lacking that last 0.5 just because of occasional repetiveness. Great job, you should be really proud of this.
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I and II were great later it got boring cause some of those riffs are so cleashay especially the sad ones. But nice work the intro sounds very epic and the rest needs maybe a rhythm guitar.
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Haha thanks web, I'm glad you like it, the song is yet to be edited as I notice some sections dont flow well into each other and what not... as for the addition of another guitar as well, I have the same problem as Web here... Im only one... and often harmony comes weird to me when I try it sometimes it seems like I got the hang of it -Nightmarish Waltz- but then I dont :'( I dont really see the riffs as being cliche, I just kinda came up with them and thought "this sounds like this part of this..." and so thats how I arranged them^^ plus if its cliche as you say I guess it means the feeling I wanted to express (sadness and nostalgia) were O.o I guess
Good stuff!

I'm used to critting just Guitar Pro songs so obviously the song sounds a bit empty due to the lack of drums, etc.

What is there, though, is excellent. I love the "subtle changes" as you so aptly put it, they contribute greatly in keeping the song consistent while adding enough change to make each new riff fresh. The only thing that perturbed me was that you used the arpeggio's in "My Death" a bit much. And, here and there, transitions were a bit shaky (nothing drums/bass couldn't fix, no fault of yours), and indeed a few of the time changes were kind of "eh?" - ish.

But overall, a good piece of work. I'd like very much to here this recorded.
hehe yeah I ... kinda suck at drums and *MAYBE* bass (easy to play but dunno bout making tracks)

hehe there's not many subtle changes later in the song save for the outro lol or maybe the arpeggios xD... but yeah the transitions are horrible >.< but uh im planning to go over it sometime soon and fix it up a bit =] in my death i just loved the three versions of the arpeggios and well thats how I play the song^^ xD I like the simple single note then the tremolo then the cascade thanks for your crit

im very glad you liked it =] cheers

hopefully some day in the near future ill have a working electric/fixed acoustic/fixed electric and I'll love to record it =]