I have a les paul and i've only played that one and the
Zakk Wylde sig. I Got two questions for all you les paul gurus.

My Les Paul (Lp-100) sounds freakin awesome..especially after
i threw in some EMGs, but its kinda heavy on the Low end.

1) Are Les Pauls usually noticeably bassy compared to other guitars?

2) Because of its unique sound characteristics..what amps have you
found to be the best?
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the LP 100 is really awsome for its price...alot of people will bash it on here but its a goo d value def i have owned alot of guitars in my time and this is an awsome guitar. as for amps its hard to say i like the tone i get with my crate its not freakin awsome but it gives me what i need... if ur in the market for a new amp take ur guitar with the emgs in it to ur music shop and just plug into everyone till u get the tone u want also rember ur toggle switch leave it down for less bass and play with ur amp settings and ur pedal settings.
ive had a friend who has an LP100 and got bashed because he has a bolt-on LP!
but sounds freakin awesome with a laney gh100...
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