I want to start getting into fingerstyle guitar, and I'm wondering what you guys would recommend. I'm getting a thumb pick for sure, but would you guys recommend using fingerpicks at all? I've heard they're extremely cumbersome. And if so, what style of pick? Metal or plastic?
use your fingers.

nuff said.
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I don't really want to grow my nails, though, because that would get irritating in daily life when I'm lifting stuff. I don't really want to live in fear of breaking a nail.
you use the flesh of your fingers
and a thumbpick can come in handy if you're going to play harmonics or something, i find they help heaps.
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yeah u dont wanna look like Esteban in public with long nails and people assume ur gay or somethin...

If that was sarcasm, then I assure you that looking 'gay' isn't a concern. It's the fact that long nails are impractical, and down-right irritating.
Just use the flesh of your fingers as said before. I don't get the point of growing out your nails to play guitar.
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I finger pick alot, and I also bite my nails. I have found that just growing out your pointer finger nail just a bit is enough to play well and look normal. Grow it till its comfortable to pick with it and strum with it, then keep it at that length. I work in a shop and i have no problem with the one finger that I dont bite and keep at a length to play ( its about normal length for a nail but its long for me cause I bite them usually) Its best not to use any picks (including a thumb pick) because it allows you to move from fingerpicking to rythm easier (ive found).

what it all boils down to is this:
1 grow the pointer finger nail to a managable length so it makes finger picked notes louder and it helps as use as a regular pick for rythm
2 dont use picks
3 learn banjo "rolls" to practice your picking hand
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