The Aggrieved is a 5 piece band out of Germantown, Ohio. Our music is molded from life experiences, emotion, and the love creating a sound that grabs you by the heartstrings. Every word, note, and beat tells a story that one or more of us has lived or witnessed. Our goal is to make those events seem as real in our songs as they were when they happened. Our message is one of hope. Our passion is evident in the brotherhood we call our band. We believe what we sing, and mean what we say. We hope that when you hear our music, you walk away asking questions about faith, family, and what it means to experience life.

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The website looks pretty good, wich made me confident and not afraid of listening to your music. The one track that I heard was of very high quality, wich means VERY much. The sound is pretty good, but it's nothing original and I've heard much like it. Anyways good job ^_^