ok i am a beginner i just got my guitar like a week ago and i can play 3 chords, i've been practicing the C scale, i've been trying to memorize the notes as i play em. But one huge thing that i need to know is if i should learn standard music notation now or wait till im good at tab and songs then go back and do that. Because i am teaching myself and sitting there trying to remember which note is which dot with a tail and what sharp signs mean is very boring. So what should i do?
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your a punk rocker! lol, anyway, you should learn all you can, you'll b ehappier later on
you really dont need to know how to sight read, you can get 99.99% of music in tabs including classical,jazz,folk, irish folk ect...
if you are able to start learning sheet music, go for it

also learn how to read tab (it's 100 times easier) first, it'll make it easier
Learning as much as you can about the guitar is a really good thing to do, but don't overdo it.

You just started. Take it slow. Learn to read tabs first, they're much easier to get a handle on, and you'll be able to jump into songs you like a lot earlier on. Get a good foundation and some self-confidence in your playing before you start to spread yourself too thin. Once you have that foundation, then start trying to branch out a little bit.
My personal opinion is that at first you should learn enough Theory to able to play a song you like.

Then go ahead and start playing that song. This is a very enjoyable way to start out.

Don't delve deeply into the Theory side of things just yet. You have a long road ahead of you and to keep up your motivation and your 'desire' to be a better player you need to enjoy what you're doing!. Learn lots of chords, a few scales and the basic theory behind both of these, but don't think you HAVE to understand every aspect straight away.

PLAY music... let the theory follow when you're ready.