Today, i just changed the strings on my guitar, the first time in a year. my guitar sounds really tinny, so, being impatient, I went into the UG chatroom. I asked somebody there about the problem, and they explained about different gagues for strings. my question is, I play a lot of rammstein and system of a down, and have high gague strings, would it sound right?
oh, by the way, for those who need to know, i use "Vinci" strings (from target), because they are "reccomended" by the packaging when i got my guitar a year ago.
for your style, a medium to thick gauge string is good. 10's or 11's will suit you well.

In the future, don't buy your strings at target, their music equipment generally sucks. Go to a store that specializes in music equipment. Some good brands are Ernie Ball, D'addario, and GHS.
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For de-tuned stuff like that, heavy gauges do help, they don't get so flappy and the thicken the tone up nicely.

For the drop C tuning SOAD use (mostly) .11s would probably suit best but if you're gonna be going back into standard and other higher tunings like drop D they're gonna be a bitch to bend and difficult to fret. So if you're staying in lod tunings, 11s, if you want more versatility try something like a set of .10-.52 (light top heavy bottom or LTHB they're mostly labelled as). I play in standard and use that gauge and I've found it's a happy medium for a nice fat tone but not as difficult to play as 11s (it's still a fair jump from .9s, especially on the lower strings but you'll built up the strength easily enough).
Go to a guitar store and buy strings there, not target. D'Addarios are the ones i use.

For down tuned stuff like Soad (motley drop C) your going to want something around the 11 gauge strings.

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For those who care.
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i use nines, greta for benders and tapping i think
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get a 10 or 11 gauge TNT there pretty thick down low great for chugging and about average up high.
how do I find out the gague of my strings? i threw away the packaging and only had the envelopes.
Each envelope should specify the gauge for that particular string. Either a large 2 digit number, or a smaller number like ".009"
like 10 bucks.

seriously though, just go to an actual music store and all your questions will be solved.