That's right,
Techno Death Metal

I started it yesterday and just finished it today.

It is slightly repetetive, but Techno usually is

I hope you all enjoy it.

Also, I suggest listening to the midi because you listen to the song as a whole, rather than focus on a particular track in Guitar Pro.


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Techno Death Metal.zip
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You really think I care?

I made it for fun
And I'm proud of it

You don't have to ruin that and be an asshole

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I liked it =]
although, you can't her the other synth that comes in at the start very well =o

other than that, quite nice bud =]
My Band =]
We play some goffic pish
Its fun

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Ah man, I saw the title and just HAD to check this out.

(Also, I totally just updated my own metal song, and it'd be rude to ask you to head over to https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15137316#post15137316 and check out the latest version of the tab, without critting something else of yours.)

On the intro... that's like, melodic death metal chord progression, on synth... win!
Bar 28... WIN! That riff that kicks in after is actually pretty cool. If you ever get a metal band together, you should totally all guitar this. Having said that, bar 37 onwards sounds like club music.

You ever played Sonic 2? The music at the end... well, bar 45 slides nicely (cool military snare style) into a sorta Sonic the Hedgehog beatdown.

Bar 59 alone is probably the best music ever written. Ever.
The riffs after that? Remind me a LOT of Saints of Eden - check 'em out if you're genuinely into techno metal. (Which I am.)

Yay on bar 72, good work bringing that riff back, just the right time too. Is this like the chorus? Or is bar 80 and onwards? I love it all the same.

AAAHHH you put the drums into half time. YES! Never fails.
AND THEN IT GOES INTO NINTH CHORDS, RUN UP IN TRIPLETS! My favourite musical thing. I think I am falling in love, with a guitar pro file.

And now Sonic is back. ****, I gotta play my Sega some more.

I mean wow, that was excellent.

That's 1000/10, and my kingdom.

Holy dogknob.

I mean... gosh.

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Overall impression: Awesome.

The words techno death metal, are what truthfully brought me into the thread, but the music is extremely good. Nothing noticeably bad or wrong about it.

Crit mah songeh? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=900639
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That was great.

Loved the way the drums came in.

The half time part sounds epic.

I never thought this style could work so well. There is nothing really bad about it, and the synths sound great.

Maybe if there was a tiny bit more guitar in the mix harmonising with the synths, this would sound absolutely amazing. It would reduce it's technoness though.

The triplet bit was great also.


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