Ok, to all of you who have this pedal, do you notice an oscillation sort of sound when you play on the top two strings especially between the 5th and 15th frets?!?!?!

It sounds like when you are tuning your guitar, if the two notes get further apart the distortion causes an oscillation that you can clearly hear. Or, just play two notes a half step apart (like 5th fret B string, 8th fret G string) to hear it; same idea.

So yeah, basically whenever I play between the 5th and 15th frets on the B and E strings I get that piercing oscillation sound, even though I'm only playing a single note. I read a review on Harmony Central saying someone else had this same problem, so I assume it's the pedal and not my guitar/amp/cables. It doesn't matter how much gain I'm using either, still happens (although to a lesser degree) at low gain levels.

So in closing, does anyone else have this issue and any ideas on how to possibly fix it? If it requires taking anything apart for some mod or something, I'm taking Digital Electronics so I would know what I'm doing. Thanks
I've owned that pedal for over a year and never had that problem.
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Sounds like you may be getting "wolf tones" from having the pickups too close to the strings.
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